Why the house for sale next door is a bonus for you

Does selling my house make sense when the one next door is also for sale?  A client of mine recently asked this question, and my answer was a resounding 'Yes!'.  Remember, no two homes for sale in Nanaimo are exactly the same, so having your neighbour's house for sale is a big, big bonus.  You will be able to price your home very competitively and accurately, and double the traffic of buyers by having those that come to look at the house for sale next door also look at yours.


Knowing who you are selling to makes you a winner

Looking for some selling your home tips that many home sellers in Nanaimo don't think about?  Just as successful retailers know who their customer is, the key to home selling success in BC is to know who your buyer is.  The typical home buyer in Nanaimo is already living here and simply wants a different home, followed by people already living in BC, with people already living on Vancouver Island making up the balance.